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Holidays in Friuli


The long and sandy beaches of Grado and Lignano are a perfect place to enjoy a holiday in the sun. There is so much to do, so much fun to be had, so much sport to enjoy. Whether you’re a family with children, a sports fanatic or a night owl you’ll be surprised and delight with all that is on offer. First-class hotels, comfortable "Alberghi", apartments and camping sites all offer excellent service and facilities at great prices. Take a trip into the countryside and discover some of the archeological treasures of region which were left behind by the Romans and the Langobards. For example, you could visit the town of Aquileia where there is a cathedral rich decorated with mosaics. Or you could visit the small town of Cividale famous for its "Satan’s bridge", or visit Udine with its beautiful "Castello" or Trieste, the capital of this region, with its churches and castles. The possibilities are endless! And if that we not enough you could also take a day trip to Venice, Slovenia or Croatia.
Friuli is also a great region for mountaineering and mountain sports. The beautiful and magical alpine landscape of the Carnian and Julian Alps is a wonder to behold - a virtual paradise for everyone who enjoys the mountains and mountain sports such as hiking, mountain-biking, climbing, skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating and much more.
Trieste is a wonderful, old city full of majesty and charm. It is a city famous for its Miramare castle and the medieval fortress of San Giusto. Beyond these special landmarks there are historic buildings, exclusive shops, coffeehouses and inns with a very special Austrian character waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. One of the great features of this region is undoubtedly the Adriatic Sea. This dark-blue sea with a magical coastline of steep, rocky cliffs and bays is wild with beauty and majesty. Such is its beauty that it inspired poets such as the remarkable R.M. Rilke. And still today is continues to inspire visitors from all over the world. You can take a walk on the "Rilke-Path" high above the sea along the steep rocky coast and enjoy the unforgettable panorama of the Adriatic Sea. In October the "Barcolana" international sailing regatta is held every year in the Gulf of Trieste. To the north of Trieste, along the Slovenian border, there is the "Carso" limestone plateau which is a unique natural landscape without equal in Europe where many rare plants grow and thrive. Other activities you can enjoy is a visit the world’s largest publicly accessible cave, the "Grotta Gigante" or you can simply enjoy a rest in one of the quaint and cozy „osmize“ (wine inns) along the Terrano wine road.
The traditional cooking of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia shows the influences of the Central European, Venetian and Slavian traditions. Where else in Italy you can find „Gulasch“, „Kaiserfleisch“, "Porcina" (boiled pork) with sauerkraut, „strudel“ as well as fish soups and other delicious, typical Italian fish and meet dishes? The region is also famous of its San Daniele ham and its many excellent wines such as Tocai, Verduzzo, Malvasia and Merlot.

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